Our Big Wing Thing fundraiser for Joseph’s Pantry was a rousing success and raised awareness about the problem of food instability in Freeport and our efforts to fight it.

Let’s begin with the winners of our cookoff: They came, they saw, they ate, they won!!! Freeport Fire Station #2 officially has the best wings in town! Ask Chris, he will tell you! Keith Russell and Tamara Bowdry took home trophies for their hard work and then Tamara got yet another trophy for People’s Choice!!!

Others we’d like to thank:

Buffalo Wild Wings, who made this whole thing possible with their generous sponsorship and promotion.

Clyde Cole and his band for providing us with worshipful-but-uptempo music, which set the atmosphere for a great time!

Our celebrity judges, Pastor Don Knoup (Connecting Point church), Mr James Rhyne (Boys & Girls Club), Deputy Chief Matt Summers (Freeport Police), Pastor Mike Sowell (Faith Center Freeport) and Coach Wichman (Pretzels Football), who seemed to really enjoy their job for the day!

Everyone who helped with set-up, tear down, moving the stage, clean up, planning, etc., etc! But mostly we want to thank everyone who came and supported Josephs Pantry! You help so many people, you have no idea how wonderful all of you are!!!

We can’t list everyone by name because so many helped, but know this, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s some of the wonderful coverage we got from WREX, which led the 6pm and 10pm broadcasts. Thanks very much to the station and to Shara Taylor for telling a great story.

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